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Boys & Girls Club of Northern Utah serves Box Elder & Cache counties. Programs are provided for students K through 12th grade and their families. The Club coordinates and collaborates with schools, cities, counties, volunteers and other non-profits to better the communities we serve.


At Boys & Girls Club of Northern Utah, we offer various programs and projects to help children and teens in Box Elder & Cache counties. Our programs cover a range of areas, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Social Emotional Learning, Recreation, Arts, College & Career Awareness, mentoring and more. We work closely with schools, cities, counties, volunteers, and other non-profits to provide the best possible services and opportunities for the children and families we serve.

Academic Success

Our mentoring programs focus on helping students achieve their full potential in school. We offer tutoring, homework help, and other resources to support their academic growth.

Healthy Lifestyles

We believe that healthy habits are essential for a happy life. Our healthy lifestyles programs promote physical activity, good nutrition, and other healthy habits.

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Every kid, every age that attends the Club
participates in a daily Engineering Challenge.  240 days a year kids are
presented with a challenge to build something, either individually or as a team,or to figure out a puzzle.  Peaking their interest in STEM and demonstrating their ability tosolve a problem, work together and use science.

College & Career

We want to help our members succeed in their future. Our College & Career programs offer job training, college preparation, and other resources to help them achieve their goals.

Social Emotional Learning

The SEL programs are where children, adolescents, and adults learn skills to support healthy development and relationships.

Family Support

We know that families play a critical role in a child's success. That's why we offer family support programs to help families build strong, healthy relationships.

Kids in Preschool


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